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So, now I start the writing process as I gear up to writing a cookbook… And, if I never get it together for a cookbook, I will at least have a venue in which to write. I do love to write. And, perhaps I’ll hook up with other folks who love to cook via this blog.

I do love to cook, and greatly enjoy trying out new recipes and creating my own. Or adapting recipes based on my (or my husband’s) personal taste or on whatever the heck I have on hand to substitute!

Right now, I am waiting for turkey tenderloins to finish cooking. I got them on sale and they were 1 lb. each rather than the 8 oz called for in many recipes. I cut them in half to make 4 1/2 lb pieces and did a stuffed with spinach and feta thing. I was amazed that the filling did not fall out while I browned them before baking. I guess I cut the pockets right…

I was a vegetarian for years – and even when not, seldom cooked meat. But, I got married (for the first time) in 2003 at age 44 – so I have been learning how to cook more meat dishes.

I made homemade rice pilaf, too. Note to self: be sure to remember which prep work is for which recipe! I put the 1/2 cup chicken stock for the turkey in the rice while sauting instead of a few tablespoons. Rice is a bit soggy… But, I then decided to use apple juice as the menstrum for the turkey basting. I think that will turn out well. A bit of sugar in the apple juice seems to be creating a glaze.

Time to go see if the turkey is done. My oven is flaky and I don’t trust my oven thermometer, either. I even seem to have trouble with my new digital quick-read one…I get paranoid about undercooked meat, poultry, etc. Okay – time to check the oven!