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WELL! I am not posting much…. but have been thinking about somehow getting a food writing column gig at one of the local papers…THAT would get me writing more.

Anyway – fish tonight. I’ve done baked fish with the breadcrumbs, etc., but tonight it is pan-seared scrod fillets and sea scallops (will probably cut them at least in half since so big) with a sauce from pesto, chopped sundried tomatoes (stored in oil) and – the recipe calls for heavy cream, but I will use 2% evaporated milk. I can always add a little corn starch if it needs to be more thick! No cholestorol in corn starch!

Serving with swiss chard (would prefer asparagus, and it is even on sale at Farmland, but I bought the chard yesterday and need to use it!) and brown rice pilaf. Well, not really pilaf since I cooked it in water and not a stock of some sort, but I added a diced carrot, some fresh chopped parsley and some diced onion.

That pesto/sundried tomato sauce sounds really yummy. Hopefully I’ll remember to post as to the results. 🙂