A Simple, Delicious, and Healthy Breakfast or Dessert – by Steve!

This morning, I was asking Steve about breakfast since I am stuck on crutches and having to keep my foot elevated for another week or so.  (Kind of fun in one sense:   Honey, what’s for breakfast??  A turn of events since it has become habit for me to do most of the cooking, etc. at our home.)

WELL, I think I should ask him to be in in charge of more meals even when I am better.  Check out what appeared when I asked for a dish of yogurt:

This was a lovely surprise. Thank you, honey! And a big thank you to Paul Faler for letting me come pick blueberries the day before my surgery. Those blueberries were hand-picked by me in Wakefield MA!

Steve is keeping the stove cleaner than I do, too.  Hmmm.  I’m liking this!  Maybe I’ll be singing a different tune when it has been close to the two months on crutches and the situation wears on the patience of us both.  But, in the meantime, this is turning into an opportunity in which we are both being remind of, or are discovering new things we appreciate about each other.  For example, he has been commenting often as to the time it takes to keep up with just the day-to-day chores that I usually do, and I am delighted by his attention to detail when preparing and serving meals and snacks. There are also Breton Electric-related issues that have come up and my needing help with volunteer committments I made before the surgery was scheduled.  Steve has been very patient and gracious about everything.

The best news is that we have been finding a lot to laugh about during what could be a very trying situation.  Thanks, Steve. I think I’ll keep ya.  So…what’s for dinner?  <smile>