About Culinary Q

Q as in “cue” as in “to prompt.” A recipe is only the beginning…

Lady with a knife 🙂

I love to cook, eat, and write. I started this blog in 2006 to get myself to write about cooking. Someday, I WILL write a cookbook! I am not a professionally trained chef, but I have had some experience in food service and have always had a knack for cooking for a crowd. I have explored many “alternative diets” from which I discovered a wealth of ingredients, seasonings, and cooking techniques. Oh, I also love to take “food art” pictures and have taken every photo on this blog unless it is otherwise noted.

Have fun reading – and forgive typos, etc. I’ll never post if I have to proofread! But, being and English major with technical writing experience, most of the recipes, if not all, at least present the directions clearly. 🙂

UPDATE: I recently started a remodel of this website with the goal of creating a cooking blog-based business. Be sure to sign up for updates. You can do that by clicking HERE …um  once I retrieve my mailchimp password.  😉

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