Amazing pork roast

Well, it was worth the wait. I had a three lb boneless pork shoulder roast. the netted kind. Not on sale (unusual for me!) but it is an economical cut. Geez, maybe it was on sale. I know I paid just around $6 for it… Anyway…

The first time I prepared this sort of roast, I used a recipe from my Meat cookbook (see link of cookbook) that calls for browning the roast on all sides in olive oil, putting it in a covered casserole just big enough for it, pouring off the fat from the frying pan and adding white wine (or vermouth – I always keep that on hand) chicken stock, and maybe something else, bringing it to a boil and pouring it over the roast. BUT, I forgot! This recipe calls for 40, yes 40! peeled whole garlic cloves to be put in with the roast before pouring the liquid in. I did that last time and it was super. But this time:

I sliced a few apples and onions thinly, used a bigger covered casserole to accommodate the extra ingredients, and only put a few garlic cloves in before pouring the boiling liquid over the entire dish. Covered, let it slow roast at 350 for about 1 1/2 hours, and removed the roast and put the apples/onion mix in a saucepan. Hmmm, I let it cook down a bit. But I can’t remember if I added cornstarch to thicken… No, that was the cabbage and green bean side dish…

Along with very simple mashed potatoes (just a little butter, salt and pepper, and room temperature milk (creamier taters if the milk is warm or room temperature – I use evaporated milk that I keep in the fridge and thin it with hot water) I discovered a VERY COOL veggie dish.

So, I still had red cabbage in the fridge. And frozen french cut green beans…. I actually found a recipe for cabbage and green beans online! I really have to start getting these recipes up on another site to link to from here… But, if I remember correctly, it had a stock base with … dang. Some liquid base that also included vinegar…and cornstarch. Cook menstrum til thick, add the cabbage, and simmer for 1/2 an hour or so, then add the beans. Oh, now I remember…The recipe called for chicken bouillon and the reserved liquid from canned beans. I used chicken stock and some vegetable stock that I had on hand.

It was really good, and it well-complimented the apple/onion sauce that went over the pork.

Very delightful meal. Steve didn’t even complain about having it two nights in a row! definitely a keeper. Just scrumptious, as my dear friend Lori would say about a really tasty meal.

An aside – In conversation a month or so ago with my father-in-law, Grump mentioned proudly that his wife (sadly, now deceased) never served the same thing two nights in a row. Well…THAT explains my husband’s aversion to my following the way my mother cooked. You know – the roast on Sunday, same meal on Monday, and as many variations as she could think up for the following nights until all was used up! Luckily, I have adjusted – Steve will eat the night before’s leftovers for lunch. And, when it is something he REALLY likes, I can get away with just reheating for dinner the next evening. 🙂 Ah, the compromises of marriage!

Tonight – I got a good deal on New York Strip steak. Steve is always happy to grill, and I am making baked sweet potato “fries” and will steam some zucchini (to be served with melted butter with fresh lemon added as a very light sauce) to accompany. Why zucchini? Just happened to catch my eye at the store, today.

I’ll have an added challenge to meal preparation as of next week. I just got a very cool part-time job. Only Tues-Thursday and I’ll be home by 4:00 pm. But, sometimes I do start marinades earlier, and also start thinking about what to cook earlier (I work from home, otherwise) so I’ll have to do some additional pre-planning. Okay – this has gone on long enough!