arrrggghh – but I’ll write down the recipe, next time!

I am so disappointed with myself.   I purposely wrote down, exactly, each ingredient and how much of each when I made vegetable stock a few days ago.  It came out heavenly.  Sweet, with just a touch of a a so subtle edge of bitter that added depth…  And I lost the darn slip of paper before I got it onto the computer.  ARRGGHH!

But, no fear.  I will do it again and be sure to immediately record it for posterity upon making it – and then share it if it tastes as good.  <grin>

I can tell you the key ingredient. Corn cobs.  Yes, after you enjoy your corn, SAVE THE COBS!  Whether you use a pressure cooker as I do or simmer for a while on the stove, you will be at a high enough temperature to be sure all is safe.  Asparagus stems are great in stock, too.

But, now that I think of it, although I have a bunch in the freezer (I always save and freeze them for stock) I should probably stick with vegetables that are available year-round at a reasonable price while coming up with a veggie stock recipe to share here.  Although, I suspect that the asparagus stems may be almost as important as the corn cobs…  Well, check back later to find out!