empty the freezer casserole – ham

I just bought a Cooks Spiral Ham on sale – but still had some chunks and slices of ham from the last one in the freezer. Slices can be for sandwiches this week – and I just used the rest in a casserole that looks like it will be pretty good.

4 cups dry 1/2 whole wheat blend rotini and 1/2 fusilli regular. Only because I ran out of the whole wheat kind! Must put on shopping list! Cooked and set aside while:

Sauteing one med onion chopped than adding a clove of garlic minced….hmmm, as I try to remember what I just did)….ah, I had frozen french style green beans in the freezer whose time had come and I added oh, five handfuls? enough to more than cover my 10″ pan… then I put all that in with the pasta. I then remembered to briefly saute the grated carrot (about one cup grated from 3 med to small carrots) and added that to the pasta veggie mix, too. Just that looked and smelled great! I chopped the rest of my fresh parsley and added that, too. maybe 1/4 cup chopped. Emptying the fridge, too.

I then put some oil (used canola, versus olive oil for the above sauteing) and about a tbsp of flour to make a roux, then added milk and beef stock as it thickened. I put some “shaky” parm (store bought versus grate yourself) cheese…pepper, salt…

It probably came to 1 1/2 cups of somewhat thickened liquid. Added the chopped ham – oops forgot to weigh or measure… again, covered the 10 inch pan. Heated to simmer.

Dang, I was going to add a few capers for fun…

Put the pasta/veggie mix in a 9×12 casserole dish, mixed in the liquid and ham, then topped with some shaky parm and breadcrumbs to cover, and about 1/2 cup grated cheddar. This is comfort food, mind you, not a gourmet creation!

It’s in the oven a 300 – at 250 it would probably be bubbling in 20 minutes, but I am waiting to see when Steve wants to eat before blasting it to get crunchy on top.

So – this used up stuff and will taste good. And, while looking for ideas, I came across a cool looking recipe for ham and olives with pasta.


Now, THAT looks interesting… Anyway – Geez, I need to start finding time to get a column proposal to the local paper. I am just dashing stuff off on here – I need to do more polished writing one these days!