eternity equals two people and a ham :)

Well, it is not so bad if you’ve already served a bunch of the ham to company on Easter! But, here it is Wednesday and we are having ham again… This time, I am going to lightly stir fry some green peppers, mushrooms, and brocolli (we had a lot of raw veggies leftover that were sliced for veggies and dip) toss dice ham in for a quick heat, then mix it with cooked pasta and grated cheese and sprinkle with the home-ground parmesian-reggiano I have leftover from the asparagus I served on Easter, and bake it until browned and bubbly. OR, maybe just make a quick white/cheese sauce and serve it over pasta. But, I think I want to go the casserole route, tonight.

And that will be it for ham for now. I froze a few chunks to slice for sandwiches or dice for another casserole, and I have the bone and more chunks/scraps for pea soup in the freezer.

Ham is quite economical if you catch a good quality one on sale. This Cook’s brand ham (spiral cut bone-in) was 1.79 a pound (I’ve gotten it on sale for 1.29 a pound other times but they didn’t slash the price as much with it being Easter and all) so for 17.00, I served dinner for 13, brought some over Steve’s Dad’s on Sunday where we munched on it with cheese and crackers, and had it for dinner Monday and Tuesday night – AND tonight in a casserole. With a few sandwiches and pea soup to come.

You know, I had at one time thought about being a Home Economics teacher. But, although I’d be great at the cooking part, I don’t have the patience for sewing. I should just start offering cooking classes on my own. Such fun! And, since we all have to eat and do some kind of food prep, it would be extra fun to make it fun for others.