First time using ground chicken – makes great burgers!

I just added a link to a page listing some of my favorite cookbooks, etc. Speaking of which, I tried another Rachael Ray recipe this evening. Chicken, spinach, and herb burgers. REALLY good! I only used a pound of ground chicken and adjusted the ingredients down and replaced the fresh basil with dried. Also, I only had a few shitake mushrooms on hand rather than the 2o button mushrooms called for to make the topping, but I just used them and reduced the garlic and oil amounts. I also didn’t have swiss cheese, but I had some gorgonzola (spelling??) on hand and that worked fine! My husband suggested using pita pockets next time because, being so juicy, using bread was a bit unwieldy, although, if I had buns or english muffins instead of whole wheat toast available, that might have helped! Not sure if I’d like the texture of a pita pocket with this, though…But I’ll try it next time.

I wonder if anyone is reading this blog? Just having it out here is getting me to write on a fairly regular basis. A pseudo audience, if you will. But, it would be fun to share cooking ideas with folks. Well, see what happens.