how to justified time spent in the kitchen….

Okay – here I am, experiementing in the kitchen again – which I love to do. BUT, I have two issues.

1) I find myself taking a lot of time on meals, and sometimes I resent interupting my work for Breton Electric, my freelance jobs, or my volunteer stuff for up to 3-4 hours each day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to “feed the husband” when there are times I really just want to work for 3-4 hours straight. It is hard to find that kind of chunk of time in between meals or after dinner and cleanup…. Sigh. It is not like Steve is hanging around watching TV. At this moment I hear him shoveling gravel to put around the garage… BUT, sometimes meal prep is a big pain in the butt, timewise.

2) I could make quicker meals or we could do more take-out…but that usually isn’t healthy except for soup and salad things – I’d be fine with that since I can survive on grazing, but Steve is used to a MEAL for dinner and will buy a sub for lunch if there are no good leftovers or a nice sandwich prepared.

ANYWAY – I do love to cook, but how do I stop feeling resentful – or guilty (I always have plenty of business-related or volunteer work I could be doing) for spending the time on it?

I think I have the answer. I do want to write a cookbook and get a cooking column gig, so I do need to experiement. Also, now that Steve has the doctor’s orders of lowering bad and raising good cholesterol orders with medication as a threat, I have even more reason to experiment for a genre cookbook about “healthy meals for meat lovers.” There! It is all an investment (Maybe I can even write some of the time and ingredients off as R&D, especially if I get off my butt and get a writing gig. Hey, why not? I’m going to check that out. I’m a bookkeeper, remember?

Okay – now I have to go check my two 1/2 veggie 1/2 meat meatloaves – one part tofu and one part tempeh. That saga will be in the next post.