I am tempted to repeat the menu next year

The Easter gathering was a success – EXCEPT – if you are going to serve asparagus, plan on 1/2 pound per person when you buy it! We all had a serving, but none leftover! I had only prepared 4 pounds as bought (less, of course, after snapping off the ends) and it JUST served 12 folks with a modest serving each.

I have yet to really think about the potatoes – I did a “prepare the day before with added cream cheese” sort of thing. I ended up adding some yogurt, too. I liked them, but need to taste some of the leftovers again – I think adding a sour flavor was not the best thing but need to taste again to make sure of what I will do next time.

Everything else was fine. I cooked the 9.5 bone-in ham for about two hours at 325 degrees, then kind of ad-libbed after that. My only flub was that I did not read the glaze recipe carefully – I should have prepared it an hour before I wanted to use it. I thought I had done the simmer of vinegar and sugar long enough, but it never really carmalized. Tasted good, though! Some guests noticed it sitting on the stove and used it like gravy and really liked it.

Oh – (I am adding this later) I think the potatoes would have been better without adding yogurt, but my husband loves them! He is still raving about them – luckily, since we still have some left over. 🙂

The tarragon chicken was really tasty, as was the green bean and tomato salad. I used a lot of recipes for the first time for this meal and lucked out!

You know, I have no idea if anyone besides my friend Lori reads this blog, but, feel free to email me if you want a recipe. That will get me to type them up and post them via a link, here!