Meatloaf tests with Tempeh and Tofu results

Oops – forgot to post the results. Steve liked the one with tempeh added better – more flavorful is what he said. He liked the one with tofu, too – but I think I will step up the seasoning with any meatloafs using tofu to lower the meat content from now on, since tofu doesn’t really have much flavor to add on its own. BUT, since tempeh has a good fiber content, I’ll probably just use tempeh to make a healthier version of meatloaf.

Either way – it works, as long as you are not allergic to soy products. Thank goodness Steve is not – the egg allergy is actually a big silver lining since he needs to cut cholesterol, although sometimes I’d like to use eggs in particular recipes…. But, better he be allergic to eggs rather than soy!