New product recommendations!

I have still been too busy to take photos and post recipes, but I can recommend three kitchen products that I have purchased recently.  For product details, click HERE.

Here is the scoop: I got one of those Misto stainless steel olive oil pumps.  I LOVE it!  You pump it up by hand so it does not use propellants, etc. and you are not throwing out a container when it is empty – just add more oil.  It works just as well as those spray cans you can buy for one-time use.  The only difference is that you pump, rather than “hold and spray.”

The Misto can be used for other types of oil as well.   I just ordered another one to use for canola oil.  That one I will keep in the fridge.

There is less expensive Misto made of aluminum which is probably just fine since oil does not react with that aluminum.

Next item: A ceramic coated cast iron heat defuser.  WOW.  Unbelievable!  I LOVE it!  I got a 7 inch one and, along with saucepans of that and a bit larger diameter, it worked well with my 10-inch saute pan when I used it cooking breakfast sausages.  But the clincher is that twice, I used it when reheating stews and forgot them to the point of boiling for a bit.  NO burning.  NONE.

The added bonus is that it retains heat, so it also functions as an energy-saving device.  Once it is up to temperature, you can lower the burner a bit and it will still keep things hot. And, it will last WAY longer than those tin ones.  A winner all around!

And finally – soup socks! So, Steve was a bit confused when I told him I ordered soup socks.  And, it may sound weird, but theses are handy mesh bags in which you can put any veggie, meat, or bone items that you want to strain out of your stock or soup after cooking.  I just used one when making chicken/veggie stock.  I put all the veggies into it, tied a loose knot, and, once the simmering (well, I actually used my pressure cooker) was done, I pulled out the bag, let it cool, and then could easily squeeze all the extra liquid into the stock.

These “socks” can also be used for chicken bones, herbs and spices, or anything else you want to keep from infiltrating whatever it is you are cooking.

They are not very expensive, so some folks treat them as disposable, but I washed mine out and will re-use until the fall apart.  Why not?  🙂