nothing like “mouse-itis” to hamper cooking :(

I was going to make pea soup tonight. However, my “mouse” wrist is killing me. It is also my “chopping” wrist. Okay, time to seriously try the left hand for the mouse. And do sausage and pasta for dinner – with not many ingredients in the accompanying salad!

Arrrgh. Well, pea soup tomorrow, then. I am going to use ham hocks for the first time. I usually wait until I’ve cooked a bone-in ham, but my favorite brand (Cooks) is not on sale and we did have one within the past month. I’m kind of a ham snob. I don’t by the kind with “water added product” or whatever on the label.

I finally discovered that Farmland (my favorite local market in Wakefield MA) has a stash of ham hocks in their freezer section! Assuming they do the trick, that means not having to wait to cook up a ham to make really good pea soup. I just don’t like it as much unless the peas are cooked with a ham bone of some sort.

About ham – have you ever heard this definition of eternity? Two people and a ham. But, if you freeze leftovers for sandwiches and make a nice pea soup with the bone and scraps, it goes a lot more quickly!

Okay – time to visualize a happier wrist. If I can’t use the computer and can’t chop veggies, I’m in big trouble!