Pan Broild Lamb Chops – trying a recipe

Here’s the link:–1750/pan-broiled-lamb-chops.asp

I promise I’ll figure out (probably take all of 30 seconds) to have a direct link – but for now, you’ll have to copy and paste. Just get too busy – and rather use the time to write.

I bought some lamb chops – shoulder blade, I think…at the infamous Manger Special discounted price at Shaw’s and tossed them in the freezer a few weeks ago. Took them out this morning, and put the marinade rub on around 4:00 pm. I used the called-for amount of marinade even though I have only 4 medium chops coming to just about 2 lbs, but, I do love garlic and rosemary!

I opted for dried rosemary. I have some I bought recently, and after crunching it up in my suribachi (japanese mortar/pestle but the bowl has ridges) with the pressed garlic, olive oil, and tamari (soy sauce), and the fact that it is in oil for the few hours while on the chops, I think I’ll get as good flavor as with fresh. Well, close, anyway.

I started them in the fridge, but have them sitting for an hour or so at room temperature before I cook them

I got fresh asparagus (NOT on sale but it looked really good) and will supplement with snow peas – perhaps stir-fried in the pan – just remove juices temporarily – leftover from the lamb before reducing the sauce….

I got some small red potatoes – and have decided to cut them into 2 inch pieces and roast them. Although taters always seem to take longer in the oven than recipes say, it says 30 minutes at 425 will do it. Hey, maybe I’ll roast the asparagus instead of steaming…. Hmmm, which method will result in lower fat? Steamed and Steve smothers in butter? (aha, although he has taken nicely to that Smart Balance spread with flax) or drizzled in olive oil when roasted? HMMM. I’ll have the oven on, anyway – roasting it will be – that will conserve energy.

Okay, gotta go cook. And, now that I think I have figured out a way to have more time in my life (albeit less money from freelancing) I should be able to post the results soon and get back to posting more often in the near future!