Pea Soup Rocks

I love pea soup. I especially loved my Mom’s pea soup. But, since her recipe box was at one of my siblings house since 2002, I didn’t have her recipe until now that it’s my turn to have the recipe box for a while. However, I have to say that what I have come up with is just as good, although I got some refining touches from her recipe.

I use Lorna Sass’s pressure cooker recipe (see cookbook list – and one of these days I’ll get beyond babbling about cooking and start posting the actual recipes) from her book Pressure Perfect. Page 45, I believe…

I added an extra cup water, about 2-3 cups potatoes in one inch or so chunks, used only one stalk of celery and one onion, and, along with the leftover chunks of ham from the very delicious Cook’s brand ham I cooked, I also tossed the bone in for extra flavor. Bay leaves, a bit of salt, etc. YUM! Some of the potatoes charred just a bit on the bottom, but it actually just added to the flavor and didn’t cause any taste or clean-up problem.

anyway, it was really good! Tonight, I think I’ll do a frozen entree thingy – Same brand as the Lasagna from BJs that I use. Trying the sausage/veggie/pasta one. Steve (husband) still thinks I am going to do something to use up asparagus and potatoes that are starting to “see too much” (growing eyes) but I think they will hold until tomorrow when the thick pork chops are fully defrosted. I just don’t like defrosting things in the microwave unless I really have to.

So, no cooking adventures this evening. I can concentrate on my bookkeeping adventures, instead.