Perfect Pot Roast – well, see how this version goes!

Nothing like a job that takes you out of the home for 2 10-hour days a week, in addition to running a business – and a home! – from home the rest of the time to make blogging sparse…

I should be doing a work project right now, but I just wanted to take some time for myself and write here. Actually, there is an ulterior motive. I made pot roast in my new dutch oven for the first time a week or so ago and modified the recipe I used – and DIDN’T write down what I did. I am writing things down this time – and putting it here, too, so I’ll have the handy reference. Although, this is such a great meal – I wanted to share my notes with anyone who happens upon this site.

The Complete Meat Cookbook (see cookbook list link) is the source. The recipe is Lisa’s Lazy Pot Roast. Although I modified it the first time I used it, I am sure it is super as is.

The only modifications I made last time are: I used a 3.3 lb bottom round instead of a 4 lb chuck roast; I slightlly reduced the rub ingredients of thyme, rosemary, parprika, kosher salt, and fresh ground pepper to compensate for the smaller roast; I added sliced mushrooms and chunks of carrots.

Now, the meat guys insist on chuck roast because of the higher fat content and the resulting higher level of flavor. I was all set to use chuck. In fact, I planned to make this recipe because Shaw’s advertised boneless chuck roast at 2.99/lb that week. WELL, they didn’t have any out and there were no butchers on hand….They don’t seem to have butchers on hand on the weekends…NOT GOOD. Anyway, I went to Farmland to get the roast and they only had bottom round. Now, lots of pot roast recipes call for bottom round and I discovered that it is recommended because, along with a (healthier) lower fat content, it also slices nicely.

I agree. There is so much flavor in this pot roast recipe that bottom round works fine, and it DOES slice nicely. And, I don’t have the price per pound in front of me, but I just paid 13 something for an over 4 lb bottom round roast (freshly cut to order, by the way) at Farmland. Certainly a reasonable price – and not even their sale price.

Anyway – I can’t remember the volume of mushrooms and carrots I used last time. I know I used the “about 3 large onions” called for in the recipe.

THIS time…the roast is a bit over 4 lbs. My husband Steve suggested last time that I add more mushrooms, carrots, and liquid to make more “side veggies and sauce,” so I used 1 1/2 cups stock instead of 1/2 cup. And, I used a “food processor full of sliced onions.” 5-6 medium onions, I think…and 8-9 rather than 6 cloves or garlic. After browning the roast in the dutch oven, removing it and deglazing the pot with the stock, I put the roast in, dumped the onions and pressed (too lazy to chop!) garlic on top, covered with lid and popped it in the oven preheated to 350.

After the first hour covered, I will, as the recipe says, flip the roast so it is on the onions and garlic and cook uncovered for an hour – but I will also add about 4-5 cups of sliced mushrooms at this time.

After another hour, I will cover the pot – after adding close to 2 lbs of carrot chunks and cook for another hour or so. BUT, 15 minutes or so before that, I will put in a bunch of potatoes prepared for baking.

I like potatoes with pot roast, but didn’t want to add them into the mix. Leftovers get too thick from the starch. And, I really liked the pot roast last time with just the sauce rather than a thick gravy. AND – baking potatoes sure beats the extra work and clean-up of making mashed taters!

It’s a one pot meal. And the leftovers are great. Of course, let’ see how this comes out with all the extra veggies and liquid….. I’ll know in a few hours, and hopefully remember to add a post with the results!