Pork chops still being created…

Okay, maybe I should have precooked the apples, too…. Not really, they are just adding about 5- minutes to the deal as they cook down. After removing the chops, I added a bit more olive oil and sauted, covered, the onion and garlic for a few minutes until soft. Then added the apples and the stock, and just a little apple juice, too, maybe 1/4 cup. All is cooking away right now, covered.

Then, once the apples are pretty mushy, I’ll add a little cornstarch desolved in cold water (1 tsp to a T of water) and let it thicken. Then I’ll remove the sauce and saute the potatoes until a bit crisp. I nuked them for 3 more minutes just to make sure they wouldn’t take too long.

Pork chops were at around 150 degrees when I removed them from the pan and covered with foil to sit for a bit. Two pork chops, a little over an inch thick.

So, you think this is hard to follow? Wait until I try to write up the recipe!