quickie pork chops, after a long day of bookeeping!

Luckily, I have a I level of tolerence for repetative tasks. Upon learning more about depreciation via the GAAS method, I am adjusting my depreciation entries from January 2003. The “bank” books, not the tax MACRES records! Anyway, Steve (my husband) is hungry and needs to eat between pouring cement all afternoon and doing finishing work on it later tonight.
Good thing I had defrosted some thick bone-in pork chops! I’ve rubbed them with kosher salt and pepper, and will saute them in a bit of olive oil til done, remove and keep warm, and make some kind of pan sauce and potato thing.
I have already sliced thin (thank you, food processor) four small Yukon Golds, and peeled and sliced thin two apples. (I hate to peel apples, but I don’t have time to cook them long enough to really soften the skin this time.) I have a BIG clove of garlic ready to be crushed and a small onion halved and sliced thin. And, a 1/2 cup of chicken stock.

I pre-cooked the potatoes (great tip from Cooks Illustrated) by melting a T of butter in a bowl in the microwave, and cooking the potatoe slices 6 minutes on high after tossing them in the butter. I tossed them at the 3 minute mark, too.

So, see what happens….