tofu mushroom stroganoff

Even my commited carnivore of a husband really like this. I found it online:
You’ll have to copy and paste the URL – too lazy to create html code at the moment!

It calls for 1 1/2 lbs tofu, but I just use a 14 oz package (make sure it is the firm type!) and use about 10 oz of sliced mushrooms and keep the other ingredients the same.

Last time, I used eggless “egg” noodles – which are great. But, wanted more fiber in this meal so am using that Healthy Choice – can’t remember the brand name at the moment – comes in a brown box and most supermarkets around here (north of Boston) has it – whole wheat blend pasta – the rotini kind.

I’m serving it with Maple-Ginger butternut squash. YUM! Let’s see if I can find the link again…

Here it is:

I actually roasted the squash almost a week ago because I roasted a turkey to have on hand for holiday guests. Things ended up very informal and I never used the squash. BUT, you can roast the squash anytime and have it on hand to mash up for at least a week. Well, let’s see if Steve and I are still alive tomorrow 🙂

I just peeled off the skin, and mashed it up with the grated ginger, maple syrup, salt, and pepper and have it heating in the double-boiler right now. Actually, I have to go make that stroganoff now before my husband gets too hungry and thus cranky. 🙂
I can’t remember if I posted about the super roast turkey I made last week. Quite tasty. And, thanks, Lori, for lending me your roasting pan and rack! <3

I did an herb paste thingy and lifted up the skin and rubbed in all over under the skin as well as in the cavity and on the outside. High heat, too – mostly at around 400 degrees, but had to tent with foil to prevent the breast skin from getting too brown. I did the breast down first thing, too.

Shaw’s had free-range turkeys from Vermont on sale. Still pricy, but I think worth it. I don’t feel nervous using the giblets (especially the liver) in free range birds – less junk to build up in there.

I actually made really good gravy for the first time ever… Dang, I hope I wrote down what I did…. I didn’t do it in the roasting pan because the pan was non-stick and had some chips. But I have another smaller pan that fit under the rack to collect drippings and I used them, making the gravy in a saucepan. I used cornstarch… I guess I was patient enough. I can always make a great white sauce, or “roux,” but somehow I’ve been missing the gravy “touch’ until now.

Always something more to learn about cooking!

Ooops, speaking of cooking, I had better go finish making dinner!!!